Friday, 17 June 2011

to my oldest friends (stars)

When I see you
I feel no lone
you know how to guide me
no matter where I go 
in night as well as dawn,
though you fade in day.

people try to judge me,
'oh you will be rich',
'you will die soon'
'no you should be a lawyer'
using your selflessness
dishonoring you
as well as me

but I know
that you love me,
that you shine me
n my naked future
keeping me going
not letting me down
to wherever 
Ill be wanting to go

we'll walk side by side
till this universe
consumes you n me
hoping that we ll be together
after next 'big bang'.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

to be 'me'

I can't be 'me'
if I don't know 'me
I don't know 'me'
if I can't judge 'me'
I can't judge 'me'
if I can't know 'you'
but I don't wanna know 'you'
guess It's better off not being 'me'

Sunday, 12 June 2011

till dawn

Ill be up in the night
just watching you
riding on winds of dreams
freely and joyously.

So remember my son
remember the freedom
remember the happiness
because you don't have much time till dawn

power n kindness

I see a man
begging for food
and people
passing by him
so I wondered
how come the god be
the most powerful
and the kindliest
at the same time.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

negative*negative = positive

Being negative is the most positive way of life.

Say good bye

One day I saw myself in a mirror.
Everything was fine except
I was losing hair,
without a chance to say goodbye.
Now my only dream is
to regrow it once again,
so that I can say goodbye.

And finally we are no one

All those laughter,
all those joy,
seem gone away
in a brink of seconds
like it never happened,
As we finally became
No one.